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SAF Wing F10  

First reportSeptember 15 2019
by urbex_malmo

Scania Air Force Wing
by urbex_malmo on September 15 2019 11:04 hr CE(S)T   Shortlink to this report: [ https://urbx.be/rbdn ]

Finding out the location
  very easy
  very safe
Risk of being seen
General condition of the place
  very good
Traces of vandalism
  none or very few
Good place for taking pictures?
  very good
Did you see other people?
  none or very few

Visit date    July 14 2016 at 12 hr
Visit duration    4 hours

The tenth air force wing initially started as a detachment located at F 8 Barkarby during the summer of 1940 but was relocated to Bulltofta Airport near Malmö on October 1, 1940 to deter foreign aircraft during the war. The first aircraft were two squadrons of older J 8s from F 8 Barkarby wing which served for only one year until they were replaced by three squadrons of the J 20s.

In 1941, it was decided to transfer the wing to a new base at Barkåkra near Ängelholm. In 1945 the wing was completely transferred and equipped with J 22 fighters. However, the grass field was too soft and full flight operations could not be undertaken until 1947 when one runway was paved.

In 1949 the squadrons replaced the J 22s with J 21R jets which only served two years until being replaced by J 28B in 1951. These also only served for two years until in turn being replaced by the J 29 which served until 1963.

While waiting for the new J 35, two of the squadrons replaced their J 29s with J 34 from Södertörn Air Force Wing (F 18) until the wing was fully converted in 1969. The J 35 served F 10 for a total of 34 years across several upgrades until they were replaced initially by the AJS 37 in one squadron in 1993 and then the JAS 39 in the two remaining squadrons in 1999.

In 1996, the duty of basic flying training for the Swedish Air Force was transferred from the Swedish Air Force Flying School (F 5) to F 10 together with one squadron of SK 60 trainers.

The wing was decommissioned on December 31, 2002 as a result of the disarmament policies set forward in the Defence Act of 2000. The two squadrons of JAS 39 were transferred to Blekinge Air Force Wing (F 17) and the flight school along with their SK 60 squadron was transferred to Uppland Air Force Wing (F 16).

The premises are currently owned by the construction company PEAB. Koenigsegg Automotive has their factories and office located in former F10 buildings. The F10 first squadron's 'ghost' is also placed on all Koenigsegg cars. The flight museum of Ängelholm is also located on the premises.

Link 1 Our Youtube video from F10

[1] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GCQNNn2aTb8

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scania_Air...

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