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Château Donkey  

First reportAugust 3 2023
by HetOnbekende

Chateau Donkey
by HetOnbekende on August 3 2023 16:30 hr CE(S)T   Shortlink to this report: [ https://urbx.be/rftb ]

Finding out the location
  very hard
Risk of being seen
  very high
General condition of the place
  very good
Traces of vandalism
  none or very few
Good place for taking pictures?
  very good
Did you see other people?
  none or very few

Visit date    July 8 2023 at 10 hr
Visit duration    2 hours

When we arrived at this location, we were greeted by some unique security measures: 2 donkeys and a horse, haha.

We were aware of a farmer who keeps an eye on the place and isn't friendly. He doesn't want to engage in conversation and might even chase you with his car if necessary.

Strategically, we parked somewhere else and walked quite a distance. After a lot of searching, we were almost about to give up as we couldn't find an entrance. But just as we were about to leave, we spotted a potential entrance... and voilà, we could get inside!

And what a sight it was! Such a beautiful location. Here are some photos of this stunning place. However, if you want to see and experience everything, be sure to check out our video about this abandoned spot. (Subtitles available)

[1] https://youtu.be/APu0bj5GPIk

[2] https://youtu.be/ThGLXMvgCU8

  Text and photos are by HetOnbekende. Click here to see HetOnbekende's profile and other reports.

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