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Art Deco Power Plant  
United States

First reportJuly 15 2020
by Liam_explores

Amazing Art Deco Power Plant
by Liam_explores on July 15 2020 23:22 hr CE(S)T   Shortlink to this report: [ https://urbx.be/bfdg ]

Finding out the location
Risk of being seen
General condition of the place
  very good
Traces of vandalism
  none or very few
Good place for taking pictures?
  very good
Did you see other people?
  none or very few

Visit date    June 13 2020 at 9 hr
Visit duration    5 houres +

I visited this really well preserved power plant. There’s probably only 5 instances of graffiti and 2 smashed interior windows, but none of the 3 control rooms had any graffiti. The plant shares property with a active switch yard and there is still active cameras and motion lights. I think the cameras are active because I could see IR light being emitted from the security cameras threw my camera at night and when I left I wasn’t being as carful to be hidden as I was when I entered and a security car showed up out of nowhere. Fortunately I was able to escape. The building it’s self is in really good condition cosmetically and structurally so the only real risk is the slippery floors in the boiler hall and the massive quantities of asbestos insulation. There’s tons of technical documents, machinery, tools and other equipment left behind all over the facility. The best part of the plant is the massive turbine hall with tile walls and windows that let lots of natural light in. There’s also 3 different control rooms, a lab, welding department, machinist department, large boiler hall, 2 rooms full of technical documents and office spaces. The only negative thing about this location is I couldn’t find a way to climb any of the smoke stacks. It’s really easy to be spotted as you cross the property towards the plant by cameras or people driving on a road that runs by the property but once you are inside there’s only a few areas where someone could see you. As of now this is the best location I’ve explored.

[1] https://youtu.be/i8qGAxKLLyI

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