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Old Jonny,Columbia Cement  
United States

First reportSeptember 6 2023
by theoria

heightened security
by theoria on September 6 2023 13:38 hr CE(S)T   Shortlink to this report: [ https://urbx.be/mjvd ]

Finding out the location
  very easy
Risk of being seen
  very high
General condition of the place
Traces of vandalism
Good place for taking pictures?
  very good
Did you see other people?
  none or very few

Visit date    September 2 2023 at 2 hr
Visit duration    2 hours

i've been visiting this old cement plant in ohio somewhat frequently for a while and have seen it change quite a bit, but the secret that lies beneath has remained the same for as long as i've known it.

this spot is locked behind a gate with bright lights and cameras all around it now. i had good luck parking elsewhere and following the treeline all the way back to the gravel, but this would not be easy during the day or when the traffic is heavy.

if you manage to get in, the place still looks just as stunning as it always has on the surface, with incredible photo opportunities around every corner, plenty of odd nooks and crannies to explore, and a gorgeous view of the river. if you do your research, something much bigger awaits.

if things go south and you encounter security from the facilities or police, know that the local law enforcement has done destructive entry training at the plant (the dummy doorframes are still standing) so they are likely to be familiar with the layout - i would recommend making a hasty retreat across the river.

p.s. don't let him out!

  Text and photos are by theoria. Click here to see theoria's profile and other reports.

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