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Skalltaket Odda  

First reportAugust 10 2022
by Madden

Skalltaket Odda
by Madden on August 10 2022 20:51 hr CE(S)T   Shortlink to this report: [ https://urbx.be/rxda ]

Finding out the location
  very easy
Risk of being seen
  very high
General condition of the place
Traces of vandalism
Good place for taking pictures?
Did you see other people?
  very many

Visit date    August 9 2022 at 14 hr
Visit duration    < 1 hour

During our Norway trip this year we visited Odda, a place in Norway that lies in between two beautiful lakes. I expected the village to be beautiful aswell, but upon arrival this surely wasnt the case. The surrounding areas are gorgeous but the town itself looks very old and industrial.

In the middle of the town this abandoned building is located. Apparently it used to be a warehouse for the Coke and Limestone that was salvaged nearby and transported from this warehouse to other places. The ground floor is used as a dumping place for the locals. The rest of the building remains empty.

Ive added pictures of another building nearby.

  Text and photos are by Madden. Click here to see Madden's profile and other reports.

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